About Minecraft Models

Welcome to MC Models! MC Models is a revolutionary new quality controlled marketplace for Minecraft server resources, ranging from 3D model textures, BetonQuest configurations, Model Engine models, MythicMobs, plugin setups and more!

What do we mean by quality controlled? Not everyone can sell their resources on this site, everyone applies to join the team and we review every application carefully. Once someone is on the team we still review every product before release.

MC Models was created by a group of Minecraft server owners who grew tired of trying to find good resources (mostly models) by joining random Discord servers and trying to find creators across the community.

Our goal is and will always be to make a safe, quality and fair platform where creators can display, sell and share their work. We also allow creators to store their project files with us so that only verified customers can access download links.

Tavern bard Minecraft Model