How to join our team & post your work

We care a lot for the quality of the content that is posted on this website. This does not mean that simple resources are not welcome, we simply demand that they are well made and tested before posted.

MC Models is not an open marketplace where anyone can post products.


You want to apply and become a vendor? Great! As long as you are old enough to earn an income in your country and you’re in a country where Stripe (our payment gateway) operates, see list of countries here.

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Fill in the application form at the bottom of this page.
    1. If you so much as even try to pass someone else’s idea as your own (straight copies) or even worse try to apply using someone else’s files, you will be banned from the website, our Discord and any other community we deal with that wants to listen to our ban reports.
  3. Our whole staff team will review your application.
  4. One of our admins will email you with further questions and/or approve/deny your application.
  5. Once you are approved you can log in and make your own vendor shop and start posting free and premium resources.

General rules for vendors

  • Do not post work made by other people.
  • Do not plagiarize (Don’t pretend someone else’s idea is yours).
    • If your product is based or heavily inspired by someone else’s idea, please credit them.
  • The download link has to be a direct download, you are not allowed to send the customer to a different website.
  • If you want to give your customers support over Discord, you can do so from the Discord or add your own invite link in a readme.txt file in the product download. So after the customer has purchased they can get the link.
    • A good example of product description text would be:
      “For support please join our discord link you get on purchase, in readme.txt file inside of the pack”
  • If you upload to our website you allow us to use your product in marketing material for the platform.

You can see the full list of rules and other terms in our terms of service page.

What we offer our vendors

  • We promote the whole community in Server Owner targeted Youtube Video Ads.
  • We promote the main categories in Google Search Ads.
  • A safe and quality controlled platform for your resources.
  • The platform can host normal sized resource files and protects them so only verified customers can download them.
  • Strong guides on what people currently look for and what the demand / competition looks like number wise.
  • Guides on how to get your resources more downloads.
  • A creator Discord where we share ideas for future project with each other.
  • Instant payments to your Stripe account.

Fees & Pricing

  • Every sale is legally between the vendor and the customer.
  • 90% of the total value goes straight from the buyer to the Vendor.
  • 10% is paid to the marketplace to cover for marketing, development and running costs.

Important information

We do not work 24/7 and we get to all applications as soon as we can, which usually takes a few days and in some cases up to a week. So if want a response from us right away, make sure that you include every piece of information we could ever need/want so we don’t have to ask for more.

We see this application like a job application, so if you don’t put effort in it and show us truly what you can do and have done before you are not so likely to be accepted.

PM’ing staff on our Discord or just simply showing impatience will get you less likely to be accepted to the team.

Application form

Don't have one yet? you can register here.
Don't have a stripe account yet? You can make one here and see which countries are available for it here.
This is just for us to get an indication of what you do.
Show us well made examples of thing's you've made before. An example of this could be a MythicMobs/ModelEngine boss, in this type of case a few print screens is not enough. We want to see how it looks in-game and what the animations are like and whatever else you can show us.