How to install models in BackpackCosmetics plugin

So you’ve decided to download cosmetic models for the BackpackCosmetics plugin, great! Here is how you install/config them into the plugin. Need to download the plugin? You find it under our partners page.

If you do not know how CustomModelData works, check out our resource pack tutorials here.

Step 1: Make sure the item model / resource pack work

Once you’ve turned on your resource pack containing the new model/models try spawning one in using:

/minecraft:give @p minecraft:totem_of_undying{CustomModelData:1}

Replace the totem_of_undying with the material your model is set up as in the resource pack and the custom model data number with the correct one.

If your models work like they should, we can jump to step 2.

Step 2: Add the model/models to your cosmetics.yml file

In this example I’m adding the jetpack model from Izzy’s Backpacks – 1.

    material: PAPER
    customModelData: 9
    permission: "cosmetics.backpack.jetpack"
      material: PAPER
      name: '&bJetpack &a(Unlocked)'
      customModelData: 9
        - ''
        - '&7'
        - ' &3➜ Click to toggle'
      material: PAPER
      name: '&bJetpack &c(Locked)'
      customModelData: 9
        - '&cYou do not currently own this'
        - '&ccosmetic, but you can buy it'
        - '&cfrom out store.'
        - ''
        - '&7'
        - ' &3➜ Click to toggle preview'

In this case I’ve done these things:

  • I’ve set the material to paper in the resource pack.
  • The CustomModelData in the resource pack is 9.
  • The permission node to be able to use the model in the plugin is set to cosmetics.backpack.jetpack

LockedItem section determines the lore in the GUI for when the player does not have the permission node cosmetics.backpack.jetpack

You can now restart the server and test your model using:

/cosmetics equip jetpack

Step 3: Add the cosmetic to page yml (page-one.yml)

This is the easiest step, simply add the cosmetic to the GUI slot you wish to use.

    type: COSMETICS
    cosmetics: jetpack
    slots: [28]

Now enjoy the model through the GUI using the /cosmetics command.