How to add a weapon models to Oraxen

In this tutorial, we will be using Akaleaf’s Adventurer Tools Pack to learn how to add custom weapons to Oraxen.

Step 1: Upload your files

Similar to our “How to add a furniture model to Oraxen” tutorial, you will need to upload your JSON and PNG files to the correct folders.

Your JSON file should be inside of “pack/models”, and your PNG should be in “pack/textures”. You can also put them in a subfolder, like “pack/models/tools” and “pack/textures/tools”.

If you are uploading the files for a crossbow or bow, you will have multiple stages. Make sure to upload all the models!

Step 2: Modify your JSON Files

After uploading your files, go back to your JSON file. You should see a line like this:

You’ll need to update the path to the texture. In this case, the correct path would be “tools/adventurer_sword”.

Remember, if you are uploading a crossbow or bow, you will have to do this for each stage file.

Step 3: Create weapon configuration

You’re almost done! Let’s create our item configurations. For swords, you can do something like this: 

  displayname: "<gray>Adventurer's Sword" 
  material: WOODEN_SWORD
    - "<gray>Sword by <#63c64e>Akaleaf"
    generate_model: false
    model: "tools/adventurer_sword"

You can change out the material in the configuration for different tool types, for example “IRON_PICKAXE” or “DIAMOND_HOE”.

Bows and crossbows are a little different. For those, you’ll need to make a configuration like this one:

  displayname: "<gray>Adventurer's Crossbow" 
  material: CROSSBOW
    - "<gray>Crossbow by <#63c64e>Akaleaf"
    generate_model: false
    model: "tools/adventurer_crossbow"
      - tools/adventurer_crossbow_pulling_0 # Pulling stage 0
      - tools/adventurer_crossbow_pulling_1 # Pulling stage 1
      - tools/adventurer_crossbow_pulling_2 # Pulling stage 2

The reason we put multiple models into a bow or crossbow is because they use multiple models to display the drawing or pulling of the bow.

Visit our How to add a bow to a resource pack (not Oraxen) guide if you want to learn more.

Step 4: Finished!

That’s a wrap! You now have some amazing custom tools to use for your server.