How to force players to use your server resource pack

So you want to force players to download and use your resource pack? That’s easy! Just follow this tutorial and you’ll be good to go in no time.

If you don’t want to force people to download the pack, but want to make it optional, you do not need a plugin to handle resource packs. Use the default Minecraft settings: click here read that tutorial instead (coming soon).

Get a the plugin “Force Resourcepacks”

Go to this spigot page, download and install it. As of the time of writing this guide it works fine with BungeeCord above 1.8, Velocity version 1.1.0, Spigot above 1.8.8 and clients above 1.8. Velicity is still a test feature and could be buggy.

Our recommendation would be to read the plugin page properly and follow their instructions, but if you want a simplified version of it you can simply follow our step:

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Restart the server.
  3. Go to and upload you resource pack in zip format (so we get a public url that players can download the pack from).
  4. Open the plugin config.yml
  5. Add a main pack using the URL provided by
  6. Restart the server and use the different features from the Force Resourcepacks plugin.

Examples of how to control it:

  • Per server resource packs (BungeeCord/Velocity)
  • Per world resource packs (Spigot)
  • Let players swap resource packs using permissions
  • Per worldguard region (Spigot)
  • Per version resource packs using viaversion or protocolsupport.
  • Or Of course, force everyone to use a single pack on your whole server/network.