How to Verify via our Discord bot

Step 1 – Run the command

In any channel you are allowed to type in, run the following command:

/bot verify username: myawesomeusername

Please replace myawesomeusername with your username from the website (you can use it to login to the site). The command should look similar to this

Running the command

If you are sure this is correct, press enter and the bot should respond with the following.

Do not close this window!

If you get no response from the bot, please open a ticket for Technical/website support.

Step 2 – Find your order ID!

The bot will prompt you for an order ID.
Not just any order ID, but a very specific one it just created.
To find it either check your email, or login to the website and click My Account.

You should see your account overview.

From the menu on the left, please select/click Orders.

This should give you a list of all your orders, you need to find the most recent one, with a price of $0.

It will look like this, but with a different order ID.

If you view the order, you will see the item it is for is verify.

An order for the “verify” item for $0

The green square (first) is the order ID the bot wants you to provide.

The blue square (second) shows you the item the order is for.

Step 3 – Give the order ID to the bot

If you didn’t close the window, you will be able to give the bot the order ID from either the email or the instructions from step 2, without the # symbol.

The bot doesn’t like the # symbol

You can now click Submit.

Step 4 – Be verified!

You should see the following, alongside receiving the role on the server.

Go you, you did it!

That’s it, all done. You can now open support tickets, via the bot, for any order you have made.

Final words

If you should have issues with any step of this, please open a ticket for Technical/website support.

The helpful staff will be able to assist you.