MC Cosmetics – A cosmetics plugin done right

Introducing MC Cosmetics, a cosmetics plugin featuring all the types of wearable cosmetics you need.

The story

As many of our older community members remember, we partnered with a cosmetics plugin a while ago. However this plugin used practices that we could not put our brand behind. So we broke off this partnership and started looking for developers who wanted to create the best open source plugin on the market.

First we tried finding devs within our community and friends of community members, we came quite far code wise but eventually we realized that without a proper motivation factor for the developers of the plugin, it would soon get outdated and bug fixes would be slow.

Partnered with MythicCraft

Through our partnership with Mythic we found out that they where making a plugin just like this, but with more features for a private venture (not public plugin).

Eventually we agreed that if we could supply the plugin open source to the community, they would sell a version on which included demo content for our users. This way the devs of the plugin are motivated to make the best plugin they can, keep it updated and doing bug fixes.

First launch

We’ve got more plans for this plugin than what you’ll see in the first launch, our priority is to get a quality plugin to the community as timely as possible.

We will hopefully launch the first version within Q1 2022 (before March 31st), this is not a promise or deadline. The first version we aim to launch will include:

  • A good GUI system
  • Back Cosmetics
    • Models worn on the players back without using an armor/inventory slot.
  • Head cosmetics
    • Helmet slot worn cosmetics system.
  • Basic API that enables other plugins to detect what’s equipped and add functionality thereafter.
    • Example: A plugin could put soul particle effects around a player because cosmetic X is worn.
    • Example: A plugin could give the player fly because a jetpack is equipped on the player.
    • We want to be very clear: These are not functions within our plugin, this is example functionality other plugins could add thanks to the API.

Our plan, as stated, is more functionality than this. We simply don’t want to promise things that we can’t deliver as of writing this (nor do we want to be messaged about future features and when they come out).

Assets bought from (old and new)

Our entire vendor team will have access to dev versions and format examples to be able to update old assets and make pre-made configs for new assets at launch of MC Cosmetics.

The Team

We’ve got an amazing team in this project, some of the best modelers out there making demo content and the best packed based armor stand dev we all know.

Esron / Fred – MC Models

Marketing Strategy

Scott – MC Models

Branding and Legal

Ash – MythicCraft


Ticxo – MythicCraft / Model Engine


Josh – MythicCraft


Toffy – MC Models





GUI Textures