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Amaterasu The Nine Tailed Fox

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With mind-blowing 4000 lines of code, Amaterasu has become she most graceful and complex of our bosses.

*model engine option included*

Oraxen configuration (Only amaterasu items)

Amaterasu comes with:

  • Smart AI, she is very hard to escape, she is always on pursuit
  • compatibility for BOTH ItemsAdder and modelengine
  • 3 stages: one handed, dual wield and fox demon stage
  • 30 offensive skills across all her versions
  • 2 defensive skills for human versions (dodge and deflect, unique animations for stages)
  • the most beautiful death animation script
  • Arena Schematic
  • full set of themed weapons
  • full set of themed armor
  • emissive textures
  • animated emissive textures
  • several animated skill models
  • voiced sounds dubbed by voiceactor for each skill
  • sfx sounds for each skill
  • soundtrack for her death script (can be deleted from rss pack)
  • unique death messages for players
  • Configurable loot system