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[BUNDLE] BOXPVP 3 – Spawn, Arena and EXTRA ADDONS!


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3D preview of the map and screenshots can be found here:
3D Previev:
Remember to use the shift key while using the 3D preview.

The size of the spawn: Length: 300 blocks – Width: 200 blocks.
Size of pvp zone: Length: 230 blocks – width: 230 blocks.
Size magic crystal zone: Length: 88 blocks – width: 99 blocks.
No elytra zone: Length: 100 blocks – width: 100 blocks.
Mining zone size: Length: 100 blocks – width: 100 blocks.

The schem will work from version 1.16 to version 1.20 and above.
The world file is on version 1.18.2