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Captain Freemo, on Duty


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~ Captain Teemo ~

Formally known as – The Devil –

– Models

  1.  Teemo Himself
  2.  Shroom
  3.  (almost) invisible shroom

– Animations (Sounds)

  1.  Idle
  2.  Walk
  3.  Hurt (Custom Hurt)
  4.  Shoot
  5.  Throw
  6.  Death (Custom Death)

– Abilities (Sounds)

  1.  Normal Poisonous Attack (MC Crossbow)
  2.  Blinding Shot (MC Ghast)
  3.  Run (Custom Sprint)
  4.  Throw Mushroom (Custom Laughter)
    • Shroom Explode
  5.  extra sound (Custom Kill, on Player Kill)

(Inspired by Riot Games)

License and Usage:

The right to share remains with everyone who downloaded it. You eligable to use and share this product on non-financial basis.

Please respect this simple rule! 🙂

My Personal Guidelines:

This piece of art is released as the first of (hopefully) a series.
I plan to release all of my public mobs that I created fully myself (without collaboration) for free to the public, so no ones access to models and knowledge is limited by financial power.


“Credit and donations are deeply appreciated! :)”
~ ProjectDev