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Drako – The Fire Dragon (Boss, mount & items)

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This pack includes :

✅ Drako – The Fire Dragon (Boss) :

  • 13 animations
  • A complex behavior to handle ground combat & air combat
  • 5 different attacks handled differently from ground to the air (A bite, a wing slash, fire breath in a cone, fragmented fireball, and a grab to get the player in the air then throw him)
  • Several sounds made from Minecraft Vanilla with pitch editing (ambient, wing moves, attacks)

✅ Drako – Mount version :

  • A rideable version of Drako
  • Can either go on the ground or in the air

✅ Dragon set (Items) :

  • Drako’s Fang (sword)
  • The Fire Protector (shield)
  • Dragon’s scale helmet (helmet)

✅ AdvancedPet presets :

  • Premade files (drop & drag to get it in game)
  • Prepared version of the mount to work smoothly with AdvancedPet

This pack requires ModelEngine (r2.2.0 at least) and MythicMobs. The MCPets presets are made for the 0.3.0 release+. MCPets isn’t mandatory to use the mount version.

Tested with MythicMobs 4.13 as well as 5.0.0, ModelEngine r2.2.0 & r2.3.1 and spigot 1.17. Versions of spigot may impact sound effects if they are not implemented in the game version you are playing on.

Any issue/questions on this pack can be addressed to me on the discord of MCModels using the ticket system.