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Dungeon Bandits Vol 1


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This pack includes:
Bandit duelist
Bandit rogue
Bandit marauder
Bandit queen boss
Bandit chest with key
1 shield
4 weapons
Boss skill models
Mythicmob files
Both ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs

Mob special behaviors and abilities:

Bandit duelist:
Slowing slashes
Can block damage

Bandit rogue:
Ranged and melee attack
Disappears and backstabs

Bandit marauder:
Jumps on target
Throws bomb

Bandit queen Roxana:
Shouts to knock back
Throw spear
Armor pierce
Charged attack
Stabs and blinds consecutively

Bandit chest:
Right click on chest with bandit key to open

Dependencies: Mythic Mobs, LibsDisguise, ProtocolLib, Modelengine or ItemsAdder