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Dungeon Skeletons Vol 2


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This pack includes:
Skeleton Axeman
Skeleton Crossbowman
Skeleton Mace
Tiberius the undying king
Skeleton chest with key
2 weapon models
2 shields
All skill models
Mythicmob files
Custom sounds
BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs

Mob special behaviors and abilities:

Skeleton Axeman:
Gives bleeding and slow
Stuns with shield

Skeleton crossbowman:
Ranged attack
Piercing shot

Skeleton Mace:
Stuns with shield
Slows with attacks

Tiberius the undying king:
Pushes back with attacks
Breaks shield cover
Turns dead players into skeleton army
Sets on fire with flaming skulls
Gives black screen
Summons flame wave
Resurrects on first death

Skeleton chest:
Right click on chest with skeleton key to open

-Mythic Mobs (non premium)
– ProtocolLib
– Modelengine or ItemsAdder

Tested on Minecraft Java

Video of the Dungeon Map