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Esrons Dwarf Voice Pack 1 (15 Voice Lines)


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Get your dwarf on! Load up this resource pack and you get 15 amazing dwarf voice lines in-game.

πŸ”Š “Give it to them lads!”
πŸ”Š Hearty laugh
πŸ”Š Normal laugh
πŸ”Š Death sound
πŸ”Š “Welcome”
πŸ”Š “1 2 3 4 I declare a dwarf WAR!”
πŸ”Š “Freedom!”
πŸ”Š “Get down to my level”
πŸ”Š “Get in my belly!”
πŸ”Š “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to fight we go”
πŸ”Š “Is that all you got? A female dwarf hits harder”
πŸ”Š “Let’s get to fighting!”
πŸ”Š “The wrath of the dwarves is upon you!”
πŸ”Š “Touch me again, I dare you”
πŸ”Š “You think you’re funny do ya?”

Resource pack size: 0.554mb


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