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Esrons Totem Animation Pack (+Custom Plugin)

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Custom Totem of Undying Models & Animations that are easy to conjure with single commands? Here’s the ultimate pack for you.

This pack will be updated with more and more custom models and animations, if you buy now you will also get access to future versions of this pack.

What you get

βœ… 1.17 Resource Pack with all the custom Totem animations (works with earlier pack versions as well).
βœ… 1.16 and 1.17 custom plugin called PlayTotem to simply run the totem animations with commands. 
A BetonQuest package if you wish to summon the totems through BetonQuests.
🌟 A guide on how to use and install.
🌟 Premium support on the MC Models Discord.
πŸ”Š Each BetonQuest command comes with changeable sounds.

All the icons and text models are custom made for this package specifically.

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