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Esrons Wizard Voice Pack 1 (28 Voice Lines)


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Who doesn’t want a friendly old wizard in their world? This resource pack gives you 28 different voice lines to play with.

πŸ”Š “Cease your endless chatter”
πŸ”Š “Welcome”
πŸ”Š “fascinating”
πŸ”Š Coughing
πŸ”Š “Feel the wrath of my magic”
πŸ”Š “Help me help you”
πŸ”Š “How did you defeat me…”
πŸ”Š “I am no warrior, magic is my weapon”
πŸ”Š “I am the protector of all mankind”
πŸ”Š “I come to cleanse this land”
πŸ”Š “I find your insolence disturbing”
πŸ”Š “I hunger for magic, I feel it clouding my senses”
πŸ”Š “I shall be in my study, do not disturb me”
πŸ”Š “I shall be your ruin!”
πŸ”Š Laugh 1: Funny, over the top.
πŸ”Š Laugh 2: Hearty
πŸ”Š “My time here has ended…”
πŸ”Š “The flows of magic course through my veins”
πŸ”Š “The magic speaks to me, can you hear it?”
πŸ”Š “The winds of magic are elusive”
πŸ”Š “The winds of magic will be my guide”
πŸ”Š “These demons need to be slain”
πŸ”Š “Until my dying breath my magic shall protect you”
πŸ”Š “Victory is ours!”
πŸ”Š “We shall not falter in the face of fear”
πŸ”Š “Well, what are you waiting for?”
πŸ”Š “When the world is in peril, magic protects”
πŸ”Š “You have need of my servcices?”

Resource pack size: 1 mb
You can always delete any voice lines you do not use and the pack gets even smaller.


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