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Fancy Furniture


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This pack includes 9 animated and functional furniture models (20 total models including color variants and consumables):  

  1. Ice Chest [Blue/Green/Red variants | drops ice and snow]
  2. Coffee Maker [Makes consumable Coffee item every 3 minutes]
  3. Toaster [Turns bread into toast]
  4. Newtons Cradle [Interact to play animation]
  5. Desktop PC [Black/White/Pink variants | interact to change backgrounds]
  6. Keyboard [Red/Blue/Black variants | plays a tune and gives a brief buff]
  7. Standing Fan [Black/White variants]
  8. Alarm Clock [Blue/Red/Black variants | plays sounds on configurable time changes]
  9. Globe [Interact to spin]
  10. Coffee and Toast consumable items

This pack requires Mythic Mobs, Mythic Crucible, and Model Engine 3+ See more details in the preview video below!