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Fantasy NPC Pack Volume 1


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Elevate your server experience with the Fantasy NPC Pack
With so many servers these days, it’s hard to stand out. You can hook players sooner and make a great first impression by using these custom NPCs in your lobby or spawn!

NPCs Included:

  • The Time Wizard
  • The Expert Blacksmith
  • The Elven Princess
  • The Skilled Warrior
  • The Survivalist

Includes blueprints for ModelEngine and some basic MythicMobs configurations just to display the NPCs if you choose to go that route instead of using Citizens NPC trait.

Suggested Setup:
In the zip file you download after purchase, you will find a ModelEngine and MythicMobs folder that you can drag and drop into your plugins folder. After merging these folders, follow these steps:
  • Reload ModelEngine with /meg reload
  • Merge the MEG generated resource pack with your own resource pack
  • Zip your resource pack and apply it
  • Use either MythicMobs or Citizens to display your new NPCs
  • Open a ticket via the MCModels discord for any further support if necessary
ModelEngine (Required): MEG is necessary to generate the models.
MythicMobs (Optional): The pack comes with a simple optional MythicMobs configuration that you can use to set up NPCs that way if you choose.
Citizens (Optional): You can also just use the MEG model trait to use the models on citizen NPCs.