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Fire Elemental Boss Pack


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This pack includes:
Lavajaw model
Lava Dragon model
Molten spirit model
Phoenix model
4 trophies (usable for /hat or item frame)
Custom fire tools/weapons
Custom animated emissive armor for itemsadder
Boss skill models
3 Custom items for crafting.
Emissive animated textures
Mythicmob files
Mob special behaviors and abilities:

Moves backwards when approached
Swims in Lava
Vomits lava in defense when approached
Shoots fireballs that set enemies on fire
Turns himself into a mortar, shooting several projectiles in close area
Rolls towards target, throwing everything in path and explodes at the end

Lava dragon:
Dragon firebreath from ground (targets cone in front)
Firebreath from sky on target
Bites if approached too close
Summons meteor shower from sky
Turns himself into a meteor and smashes ground, exploding
Charges himself and explodes, dropping flaming stones in large area

Molten Spirit:
Fireslash and firestab attacks
Has a chance to block attack
Upon successful block, cages the enemy in magma blocks
Bashes enemy with shield, blinding them and knocking back
Sets on fire with large slash
Can deflect attacks

Flying boss
Fire beam that follows enemy, burning ground as well
Dives for target, drags them up and throws them
Drops exploding firebombs in large area
Summons large fire tornado that pulls in everyone in proximity
Upon death, folds himself into an egg
If the egg isn’t destroyed in time, he hatches with full health

1. Unique movement patterns, flying AI
2. Easy drag and drop
3. Clever AI behavior and advanced mechanics
4. Its own looting system
5. Challenge for your players
6. Frequent updates and additions

Dependencies: Mythic Mobs, LibsDisguise, ProtocolLib, Tested on Minecraft Java