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Flintl0ck’s Firelocks


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On sale until the 1st of June 2023 A set of antique firearms of different sizes and calibers, adequate weapons for soldiers, sailors or pirates both of land and sky. The package contains 7 models, 3 of which are handguns (Flintlock pistol, Wheellock pistol, Pepperbox) and 4 of which are rifles (Musket, Musket with bayonet, Wheellock rifle, Blunderbuss). All models are contained in a resourcepack (compatible with all versions from 1.14 forward) as Crossbows and make use of the CMD (Custom Model Data) system to distinguish them. In order to obtain them you will have to type the following commands: Flintlock pistol   /give @p minecraft:crossbow{CustomModelData:0} Musket   /give @p minecraft:crossbow{CustomModelData:1} Musket with bayonet   /give @p minecraft:crossbow{CustomModelData:2} Blunderbuss   /give @p minecraft:crossbow{CustomModelData:3} Pepperbox   /give @p minecraft:crossbow{CustomModelData:4} Wheellock Pistol   /give @p minecraft:crossbow{CustomModelData:5} Wheellock Rifle   /give @p minecraft:crossbow{CustomModelData:6}