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Forest Animal Pack v2.2.1 (Mount and Pets included)


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Modelengine mobs:

  • Modelengine mobs:
    • Brown bear:
      • apex predator of this pack
      • you can tame him with a medium meat chunk, the chance is low
      • upon successful taming, the bear will disappear and drop a medallion
      • the bear uses 3 attacks: roar which causes fear,
        thrash which causes large amount of damage and slows target and claw as a basic melee
    • Armored bear:
      • is a tamed version of brown bear, you can summon him via medallion
      • you have to feed him time to time with medium meat chunk (you can configure this)
      • you can mark targets with medallion, making the bear attack target if within range
    • Wolf:
      • wolves spawn in packs based on hierarchy
      • alpha is black, beta is white and gamma is grey
      • each of them have a respective quality of tamed version
      • you can tame wild wolf with medium meat chunk, gaining medallion
      • similarly to bear, pet will attack target marked with medallion
      • you can also interact with the pet, rub their belly or make them sit
      • the pet has to be fed regularly and will buff the owner with howl
    • Forest Deer (Stag, Doe, Fawn):
      • will run faster when chased by predator
      • stag will fight other males in case they meet
      • fawns lay in grass and follow their mother

Single Entity Item Mobs:

  • Single entity mobs:
    • Wild hog and piglet:
      • several piglets follow their mother and she will defend them accordingly
    • Squirrel:
      • flees fast in event of being approached
      • this creature is able to climb walls and trees
  • Customizable mythicmob configs
  • Custom sounds

Loot items:

  • Lootable items:
    • 4 summoning medallions
    • fangs
    • 3 sizes of raw hide
    • 3 sizes of meat chunk
    • claw
    • antler
  • Features:
    1. Easy drag and drop
    2. Complete ecosystem for forest biomes
    3. Combines with all our other packs
    4. Amazing ambience
    5. Usable as a core for any server type
    6. Realistic injury and death system
    7. Custom intelligent AI
    8. All single entity animals can be placed into item frame as statues

Dependencies: Mythicmobs, Modelengine, Libs disguises, ProtocolLib, *Crucible (for pets and mounts to work properly)