Hi! I'm Pine and I develop skills using MythicMobs!

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Gates of Babylon – RPG Skill


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Add a unique skill to your game!

This skill summons 10 gates of Babylon! each gate then shoots out a gold weapon to the user’s target location! When the weapons hit the ground, they get stuck in the terrain. Each stuck weapon can also be collected with a right click.
This pack also contains the Key of Babylon, an item that lets you cast the skill without troubles! To get it use the command /mm i get KeyOfBabylon

If you dont have MythicCrucible and still wants to test the skill, you can use the command /mm test cast Gates_Of_Babylon

Dependencies: MythicMobs (Premium), MythicCrucible (Optional)

Tested on version  1.19.2, MythicMobs 5.2.1


  • You have to be in survival!

How to install:

  1. Extract the .rar named GatesOfBabylon
  2. Place the GatesOfBabylon folder in plugins/MythicMobs/Packs/

Join the discord for support/more packs! https://discord.gg/89BtneGGX5