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God of war Mars


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Included in the God of war Mars:

    • God of war Mars model
    • Roman arena schematic
    • All skill and projectile models
    • Spear of Mars weapon
    • Lootable items: key and arrows of Mars
    • MythicMobs configs
    • Custom sound effects and voiceacting

Special behaviors and abilities:

    • Slash and combo
    • Charge at target, throw everyone away
    • Bash blinds targets and breaks their block
    • Spins in a whirlwind , throwing and damaging players around
    • Shield wall blocks all incoming damage for a while
    • Throws a spear which pulls all targets around
    • Kicks targets, causing blindness
    • Jumps at a target and throws them
    • Summons ancient arena, anyone who touches it will be damaged extra
    • Under half health summons his sons Deimos and Phobos for help
    • Deimos and Phobos both slash and bash targets, blinding them


    • Mythic Mobs (Non-Premium)
    • LibsDisguise
    • ProtocolLib
    • ModelEngine

Pre-Made Configurations

  • Mythic Mobs drag and drop configs
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