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Hub | Large Medieval


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∎ Large medieval hub with majestic houses
∎ Size: ≈ 600×600
∎ Version: 1.8 – 1.20+
∎ Interiors: Yes

∎ Big square
 Two villages with interiors (one is large, second a bit smaller)
 Places for 5 NPCs (can be managed by you)
 Portal (can be removed by you)
 Places for server stuff
 Lots of market tents
 Spawn area
 Flying orange dragon
 Large island
 Port with ships
 Giant forest with spruce and oak trees
 Big flowers or mushrooms
and so much more..


you’ll receive a .zip with:

Schematic: World Minecraft Bedrock
 1.8  1.8 ➔ .mcworld file
1.18+ 1.18+