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Indian Decorative Furniture Pack


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Indian Decorative Furniture Pack Volume 1, Includes 20 models:

  1. Indian Cabinet x2
  2. Indian Carpet x2
  3. Indian Chair x2
  4. Indian Curtain x2
  5. Indian Hanging Shelf
  6. Indian Lamp
  7. Indian Lamp Stand
  8. Indian Picture frame x2
  9. Indian Pot x2
  10. Indian Pot White
  11. Indian Statue x2
  12. Indian Table x2

WARNING: Please check before installing or updating because it has been a big change since Feb, 15 2023
(change entity from armor_stand -> item_frame) maybe this affects the model’s previous version

Pre-Made Configurations

  • ItemsAdder drag and drop config
  • Oraxen drag and drop config