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Izzy’s Bone Equipment Set

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Izzy’s Bone Set! I made a set of tools and armor based around enchanted bones! These bones have been magically strengthened and enhanced to make for a spooky collection of equipment. It all started when I found a cool gothic color-palette, and my creativity went wild from there. Every tool here is made out of actual bones!

Bone Set Sketchfab by EnderIzzy124 on Sketchfab

This pack includes

  • Bone Sword
  • Bone Pickaxe
  • Bone Axe
  • Bone Shovel
  • Bone Hoe
  • Bone Bow
  • Bone Shield
  • Bone Fishing Rod
  • Bone Armor*
  • Sample resource pack – *Current resource pack implementation of the armor replaces chainmail, but can be edited to use leather using shaders. You’ll have to do this yourself.
  • All relevant project files including .bbmodels, .json, and .aseprite
  • Spooky Vibes (Results may vary)