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Izzy’s Peridot Equipment Set


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Izzy’s Peridot Equipment Set! Containing a complete set of equipment made out of the glimmering green-yellow gemstone Peridot! This full set of items should make your tech tree a little more dynamic and interesting, with a set of pretty models. This pack contains

  • Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, and Shovel models
  • Shield, with blocking variant
  • Peridot armor texture (Inventory icon and equipped on player texture)
  • Bow with animated frames
  • Fishing Rod with cast variant
  • Peridot Gemstone, Ore, Deepslate Ore, and Compressed Block textures
  • Fully configured display values so that the items work in all display scenarios
  • Oraxen Configuration (Does not support fishing rod, though this is possible in vanilla.)
  • All project files used to create them for your editing convenience.