I create assets with unique identity; my mobs aim to be a full experience, with creative particle FX, High quality animations, beautiful sound design, and interesting mechanics, ready to deploy for your Java Minecraft servers, and powerful enough to make your players feel true terror, or have a true challenge!

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Lord Khyadon – The master of eternal darkness (Boss only)

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With three ranged basic attack animations, three spell cast animations, three melee attacks, incredible voiceover & Sound FX, intense MythicMob mechanics, and his extreme power, Lord Khyadon has learnt to control the staff of ethernal darkness, and will not hesitate in bringing terror upon your server.

This pack includes the 3D model with animations, MM programming, and resource pack. For a version that includes his staff and bonus stuff, go to Lord Khyadon + Staff pack

This mob requires MythicMobs & ModelEngine, and is preferable with MythicMobs Extension. If you don’t use it, the download includes a MME free version.

Buying this grants you FREE updates and bugfixes, which will include more skills, animations, and sounds.

Watch a spotlight of the mob HERE: