Most of my models focus on Keeping the Minecraft vanilla style but with an improved base model. This allows it to be compatible with any server out there

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Mexbot’s Outland Pack (Boss & Pets)


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This Pack includes
✅Alar Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,summon,cast,death)

✅Alar Mount Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,summon,cast,death)
✅Anzu Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,summon,warning,death)

✅Anzu Mount Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,summon,warning,death)

✅Phoenix Minion Model (5 Animations idle,walk,attack,summon,death)
✅Raven Minion Model (5 Animations idle,walk,attack,summon,death)

✅Armored Sabercat Model 6 Models (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,run,warning,death)

✅MM Config with 2 Bosses with 2 Phases each and an enrage timer, followed by different abilities.

✅Each Model Comes with a Pet Variant that lets you u the boss’s abilities on your command

✅Custom Sound Effects

✅ MCPETS support, all mobs can be summoned and use abilities if u have MCPets Plugin installed


  • Summonable Pet with custom abilities (autoattack, charge)
  • Boss Fight With Custom Abilities, Flamepatch, Flame Blast, Dive Bomb, Enrager, Summon Phoenix, Ember Blast, Cyclone, Screetching, Ritual


✅Minecraft Paper 1.16.x and above
✅ MythicMobs (Free Version)

✅MCPets (Free Plugin)
✅ ModelEngine (Paid Plugin)


*Portal is not included