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New Year Pack


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The New Year Pack comes with 3 bosses and 3 weapons.

This pack contains:

  • Nian (Mini-Boss): 6 animations
  • Chinese Dragon (Boss): 6 animations
  • Wukong (Boss): 9 animations
  • Mountable Nian Pet (Pet)
  • Dragon Katana Model (Weapon)
  • Dragon Sai Model (Weapon)
  • Dragon Woldo Model (Weapon)
  • 9 custom sound effects
  • Resource pack included

Nian Skills:

  • Fire Scratch
  • Blazing Bite

Chinese Dragon Skills:

  • Fire Breath
  • Spinning Blaze
  • Exploding Shockwave

Wukong Skills:

  • Swing Attack
  • Spin Attack
  • Jump Swing Attack
  • Shadow Clones

Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs, MC Pets

Tested on version 1.17.1, ModelEngine (r2.3.1), MythicMobs (4.14.1), MC Pets (r1.0.0), Resource pack included