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Nog’s Mini Heroes


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Who ya gonna call? MINI HEROES! Each with unique special attacks and abilities, these heroes make a great addition to any server, especially RPG or MMO themed ones! Easy drag & drop installation for ModelEngine, MythicMobs, and MCPets! CONTAINS 3 MINI HEROES;

  • Mini Sorcerer [8 Bones | 7 Animations | 3 Skins]
    • A slow moving, long ranged magician that casts bolts to attack enemies. Their special ability deals damage to all targets in an area!
  • Mini Paladin [8 Bones | 8 Animations | 3 Skins]
    • A powerful melee based hero, they slash and stab with honor. Their special ability allows them to parry damage back to their attacker!
  • Mini Archer [9 Bones | 7 Animations | 3 Skins]
    • A fast moving, quick attacking ranger. Their special ability throws potions to stun their enemies!

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