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Octana the Crimson Broodmother


Sales: 8

Octana comes with:

  • Very Smart AI, minions will climb to you on wall, Octana switches ceiling stance, minions rally on her call
  • 19 ground skills (17 with unique animations): climb up, climb down, wrapping,
    throw cocoon, lunge, venom spit, stab, melee hit, smash below, hair puff, lay eggs, eat, fear, rally
    spit web, swipe left, swipe right, stomp, stab and throw (detailed preview in description below)
  • 2 ceiling skills (with unique animations) : spit venom, lay eggs
  • death state with heart
  • fully fletched arena schematic
  • emissive textures
  • 4 skill models: (egg sacs, cocoon, heart, web)
  • 15 voiced sounds dubbed by Sefreneth
  • 18 sfx sounds
  • unique death messages for players
  • Configurable loot system
  • 5 deadly minions

Needs Premium MythicMobs and Model Engine(exceeding Demo limit)