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PixelMine | Dungeon Loot Graphics


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Model Details:

  • 100 Sprites
  • Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop
  • 1.19+ compatible

Rusty Sword Torn Scroll Broken Shield Cracked Gemstone Mysterious Potion Old Coins Dusty Tome Skeleton Key Iron Cuffs Chipped Dagger Spider Silk Tattered Map Cursed Ring Bone Dice Engraved Locket Crumbling Statue Vial of Poison Ancient Tablet Mouldy Bread Dull Axe Animal Pelts Broken Chains Rotten Chest Jeweled Chalice Bloodied Cloth Dented Helmet Snake Fang Dark Orb Petrified Wood Scorched Scroll Bat Wings Fossilized Egg Shadowy Cloak Cracked Mirror Worn Boots Torn Banner Shattered Armor Faded Tapestry Unlit Torch Empty Flask Iron Spike Crude Drawing Locked Diary Forgotten Idol Quiver of Arrows Bent Fork Spider Web Mummified Hand Cracked Hourglass Stale Water Unholy Symbol Lost Relic Decaying Skull Blunt Knife Pitted Warhammer Frayed Rope Shredded Scroll Cracked Mosaic Ancient Coin Empty Coffer Dusty Goblet Moldy Cheese Scattered Bones Burnt Book Rusted Armor Bent Nail Broken Ladder Tarnished Crown Old Painting Sunken Chest Shattered Vase Sooty Candlestick Splintered Staff Empty Quill Holder Broken Oar Severed Claw Fossilized Tooth Ripped Parchment Faded Journal Dried Herbs Crumbling Brick Warped Bow Decayed Tapestry Used Bandages Rusty Manacles Empty Cauldron Torn Quiver Hollow Book Worn Locket Shattered Gem Bent Sword Rusted Key Melted Candle Cracked Bell Frayed Quilt Moss-Covered Idol Stained Glass Shard Corroded Coin Ancient Rune Cursed Amulet