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Plants and Flowers – Furniture Set


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Wonderful pack with many kinds of flowers and plants!
27 models total


  • Hanging plant
  • Hanging purple flower
  • Hanging red flower
  • Hanging leaves
  • Hanging leaves with flowers
  • Big flower pot
  • Medium flower pot
  • Large flower pot
  • Tall yellow flower
  • Tall purple flower
  • Flowerpot with grass
  • Flowerpot with longleaves flower
  • Flowerpot with longgrass flower
  • Flowerpot with oak bonsai
  • Flowerpot with big bonsai
  • Flowerpot with small bonsai
  • Table
  • Flowerpot with purple flower
  • Flowerpot with red tulip
  • Flowerpot with yellow flower
  • Blue ground flower
  • Orange ground flower
  • White ground flower
  • Small pink flower
  • Small rock
  • Medium rock
  • Large rock

Build and skin are not included with purchase, they serve only for showcase purposes

Set is also compatible with many other plugins


you’ll receive a .zip with:

Configurations included Also included
ItemsAdder Blockbench files
Oraxen Usage guide + installation