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[QCT] Explorer’s Pack

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🏺 Explorer’s pack 🏺

Is an addition to the world of Minecraft
in the form of new objects that spawn both
on the surface and underground.
They can be looted, various items drop, including custom ones!

After that, these items can be exchanged
with a merchant for something more valuable.

Only ModelEngine & MythicMobs required

❕ More info ❕

◾️ 15 Custom objects
◾️ 15 Custom items (additional RP)
◾️ 2 Weapon models
◾️ 1 NPC model
◾️ Random spawn config
◾️ Trade with NPC config
◾️ Loot drop config

❕ Also ❕
You can find a Rusty Key in a jug,
that can be used for small chest. This chest
will drop more valuable loot!

Rare item Lamp can be find only
on the sand. You can sell it or use
as decorative item for your house.