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RPG Basics Vol.3: Dungeon Machinist

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With new utilities and interactive components, RPG Basics Vol.3: Dungeon Machinist will take your dungeons to a whole new level. Devise thoughtful contraptions and thrilling action scenarios with triggerers, fully compatible with RPG Vol.2: Dungeon Utilities! Package includes:

🔹  Speed Pad

🔹  Jump Pad

🔹  Power Fan

🔹  Binary Shrine

🔹  Elemental Shrine

🔹  Rolling Cube & Trigger Plate

🔹  Hanging Skeleton

🔹  Barricade

🔹  Poison Emitter

🔹  Streetlamp

🔸  Easy In-game Adjustment Tool

🔸  Detailed in-config customization guide & examples

🔸  Quality support service