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RPG Class Series | Dragon Warrior [v1.4]


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Add 7 Custom Skills and 2 Equipment to your game!

The Dragon Warrior class is a subclass of the Warrior class that focuses on speed and AOE damage.

The Dragon Warrior class is a melee physical damager that uses a spear to slash away enemies in your path. Become the dragon itself by firing the breath of the dragon and summoning the dragon wings.  


This pack contains:

  • Spear of Dragon Warrior (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 7 skills bound
  • Shiny Spear of Dragon Warrior (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 7 skills bound
  • Dragon Skin FX (Skill Model)
  • Dragon Slash FX (Skill Model)
  • Dragon Charge FX (Skill Model)
  • Dragon Dash FX (Skill Model)
  • Dragon Spear Soul FX (Skill Model)
  • Dragon Breath FX (Skill Model)
  • Dragon Wheel FX (Skill Model)
  • Dragon Wings FX (Skill Model)
  • Dragonborn Rupture FX (Skill Model)
  • Dragonborn Ground Slash FX (Skill Model)
  • 6 skill icons
  • 18 custom sound effects
  • MythicLib custom skills config
  • MMOCore class & skills config
  • MMOItems & MythicCrucible support
  • Emissive skill textures for Optifine
  • Instruction on how to get the equipment in-game
  • Resource pack included
  • ItemsAdder config – Easy Drag & Drop! (Supports version 3.3+)
  • Oraxen config – Easy Drag & Drop!
  • Skill upgrade function for MMOCore: Upgrade your skill level for higher damage, reduced cooldown, longer duration, etc
    • Ex) Customizable base damage, per-level damage, minimum / maximum damage


  • Passive – Dragon Skin (Passive): You have a 25% chance to deal damage to nearby enemies when attacked
  • Basic Attack – Dragon Slash (Left): Perform a dragon slash attack
  • Skill 1 – Dragon Dash (Right): Charge your energy and dash forwards, piercing enemies with your spear
  • Skill 2 – Dragon Zone (Shift + Shift): Summon 3 dragon spears that form a dragon zone. While you are in the dragon zone, you gain speed and resistance
  • Skill 3 – Dragon Breath (Shift + Right): Fire 4 dragon slashes that knocks back enemies. Then fire an X shaped dragon breath for the final blow
  • Combo 1 – Dragon Wheel (Skill 1 – Basic Attack): Charge forwards spinning your spear, damaging enemies in your path
  • Ultimate – Dragonborn (Shift + Left): You summon your dragon wings and charge forwards, pulling in all nearby enemies in your path. You leap upwards taking the enemies with you and smash them towards the ground, sending out a dragon wave


You only need one of the three – MMOItems, MMOCore, OR MythicCrucible to make the pack work. You don’t need all of them.


Dependencies: MythicMobs

Tested on version 1.18.2, MythicMobs (5.1.0), MMOItems (6.7.4), MythicLib (1.3.3), MythicCrucible (1.4.0), MMOCore (1.9.4), Resource pack included

Tested on version 1.19.2, MythicMobs (5.2.0), MMOItems (6.8.2), MythicLib (1.4.2), MythicCrucible (1.5.0), MMOCore (1.10.2), Resource pack included