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RPG Pet Pack | VOL 8 – Enchanters


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Add 8 pets to your game!

This pack contains 8 enchanter pets with unique skills that will make your journey better.

Summon your cleric to get contant holy buff, summon your elementalist to enjoy 4 different elemental abilities!


Included in RPG Pet Pack | Giga Bundle (Link to bundle)


This pack contains:

  • 3 Versions Included – Original Version / Simple Version (Without level system) / Clean Version (Without level system and skills)
    • Original Version: Contains level system and pet skills
    • Simple Version: No level system
    • Clean Version: No pet skills and no level system, purely interactable, cosmetics-use pets
  • Shaman
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Monk
  • Summoner
  • Necromancer
  • Shadowmancer
  • Elementalist
  • Healing Totem Skill VFX
  • Crippling Rhythm Skill VFX
  • Potion Skill VFX
  • Yang Bead Skill VFX
  • Yin Bead Skill VFX
  • Spiritual Blade Skill VFX
  • Skull Skill VFX
  • Shadow Pool Skill VFX
  • Ice Shard Skill VFX
  • Earth Armor Skill VFX
  • Includes a version of MythicMobs file that only attacks mobs and doesn’t attack players
  • MCPets config
  • Premade MCPets level system: Easily customizable!
  • 3 pet food configuration (Common Pet Food / Rare Pet Food / Epic Pet Food)
  • Pet icons for MCPets menu
  • Pet name tag support
  • Interaction Animation: Right-click on pet to play!
  • 1 custom sound effect (Mostly used vanilla Minecraft sounds with adjustments)
  • Emissive skill textures for Optifine
  • Instruction on how to install
  • Resource pack included
  • ItemsAdder config – Easy Drag & Drop! (Supports version 3.3+)
  • Oraxen config – Easy Drag & Drop!


Level System:

  • Pets gain EXP when they are in combat or when they are given pet food
  • 4 premade levels: Common – Rare – Epic – Legendary (Customizable by yourself)
  • Pet stats, skill stats (damage, duration, shield, etc) increases every level



  • Shaman – Healing Totem: Your Shaman places a totem that heals you overtime. [Level up: +Heal]
  • Bard – Crippling Rhythm: Your Bard plays a cursed chord, giving weakness and slowness to its enemy. [Level up: +Debuff duration]
  • Cleric – Holy Buff: Your Cleric gives you regeneration, speed, and resistance. [Level up: +Buff power]
  • Monk
    • Bead of Yin: Your Monk sends its bead of yin to its enemy, damaging and pushing them back. [Level up: +Damage]
    • Bead of Yang: Your Monk sends its bead of yang to you, shielding you. [Level up: +Shield]
  • Summoner – Spiritual Blade: Your Summoner summons and fires a spiritual blade at its enemy. [Level up: +Damage]
  • Necromancer – Necromancy: Your Necromancer summons exploding skulls at its enemy, withering them. [Level up: +Damage]
  • Shadowmancer – Shadow Pool: Your Shadowmancer summons a pool of shadow that pulls in nearby enemies. [Level up: +Damage]
  • Elementalist
    • Fire Chains: Summons fire chains that burn and stun nearby enemies. [Level up: +Damage]
    • Earth Armor: Summons an earth armor on you, shielding you. [Level up: +Shield, +Shield duration]
    • Ice Shard: Summons an ice shard that slows and damages nearby enemies. [Level up: +Damage]
    • Air Shield: Summons an air shield on you that pushes back nearby enemies. [Level up: +Shield duration]



  • Regular Version: Original / Clean / Simple version included
  • Clean Version: No pet skills and no level system, purely interactable, cosmetics-use pets


Dependencies: MythicMobs, ModelEngine, MCPets

Tested on version 1.19.4, MythicMobs (5.3.5), ModelEngine (R3.1.8), MCPets (3.0.1), Resource pack included