Thoughtfully making mobs and items to enhance the vanilla Minecraft experience.

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This pack includes uniquely named and properly organized MythicMobs, MCPets, and ModelEngine (Blockbench) files for easy drag/drop installation!

Tendons are made for pulling, my friend, I don’t need them at all!

Designed for adventuring and owner defense, they’ll be sure to help you out along your adventures – complete with vanilla sfx and particles!

Pets included are (scroll down to view Sketchfabs!):

  • Chibi Skeleton (5 Bones) – 2 Interaction Animations: Wave/Tilt | 4 Base Animations: Idle/Walk/Attack/Death
  • Chibi Stray (5 Bones) – 2 Interaction Animations: Wave/Tilt | 4 Base Animations: Idle/Walk/Attack/Death

These pets make for great long term mob slaying quest/challenge rewards, rare drops, or server donation rewards!