Most of my models focus on Keeping the Minecraft vanilla style but with an improved base model. This allows it to be compatible with any server out there

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SPECIAL BUNDLE MexBot’s Elephant + Savannah Pack


This Pack includes

✅Lion Model (Male,Female,Baby)
✅ Rhino Model (Adult,Baby)
✅ Giraffe Model (Adult,Baby)
✅Gazelle Model (Adult,Baby)
✅ Zebra Model (Adult,Baby)
✅ Cheeta Model

✅ African Wild Dog Model

✅Unsaddled Elephant Model (African, Asian & Mammoth Model Variant)
✅ Saddled Elephant Model (African, Asian & Mammoth Model Variant)

✅ Baby Elephant Model (African, Asian & Mammoth Model Variant)

✅MM Config with Custom AI, Mouunts & RandomSpawners (Mobs will randomly spawn in their respective biome, all u gotta do is specify your world folder name)
✅ My Love & Affection


  • Feed your Mobs with some of of the premade food such as rabbit meat or berries (Only tameable mobs in this pack are the Komodo & Crocodile)
  • mount the mob (right-click on his feet)
  • ready to go!
  • mobs with custom AI, predators whill constantly hunt smaller animals


✅Minecraft Spigot/Paper 1.16.x
✅ Last MythicMobs Build

✅ Last MythicCrucible Build (optional)
✅ Latest ModelEngine Build

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