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Super Santa Claus – Boss


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Released: 13 Dec, 2021

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Christmas is coming! Santa Claus has been double checking his list (And lifting!) And… well, you’re in trouble, Kiddo.
Did you ever wish fighting Santa with a rocket launcher? No? Well, now you do.

A powerful boss for ModelEngine & MythicMobs PREMIUM, with powerful melee combos and devastating rockets and grenades!


  • Bbmodel of Super Santa (+40 animations to create all of his stances)
  • Bbmodels of weaponry:
    Green grenade (Fragmentation)
    Red grenade (Flash)
    Green present (explosive)
    Red present (Explosive)


  • Custom sounds with funny ho-ho’s and Halo-inspired rocket launcher! (Easy to install via RP)
  • MythicMobs configuration (Requires MythicMobs premium)
  • Customizable damage using the Mob “Damage” atribute, which changes all skills damage at once.

Totals 5 bbmodels with their animations!

IMPORTANT: This pack was tested on Minecraft 1.17.1 and ModelEngine 2.2.0 (LATEST). Not likely to work on outdated versions of minecraft like 1.14. Support is limited if you’re trying to go back so far!