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Taiga Animal Pack with Mounts and Pets


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Modelengine mobs:

    • Saberfang:
      • saberfangs have 3 rarities according to color (Grey, White, Brown)
      • you can tame wild saberfang with medium meat chunk, gaining medallion
      • pet will attack target marked with medallion
      • you can also interact with the pet or make them sit
    • Taiga Elk (Bull Elk, Doe, Fawn):
      • elks will run faster when chased by predator
      • bull elk will fight other males in case they meet
      • fawns lay in grass and follow their mother
      • bull elk can be tamed with regular golden apple, dropping the medallion
    • Elk mount:
      • they are fastest of animal mounts
      • a bugle call can be triggered with medallion, making the mount run faster
      • has to be regularly fed with golden apples, otherwise it will die over time
    • Mammoth with calf:
      • mammoths get angry if you get too close, or if threatened by predator
      • they have charge attack and melee hit that throws target into the air
      • calf follows mother and doesn’t participate in combat

Single entity mobs:

    • Weasel:
      • very fast creature, can vertically climb walls
      • hunts smaller creatures from other packs
    • Goat:
      • flees fast in event of being approached
      • evades attacks by jumping around
    • Bison:
      • Usually peaceful, but deadly if attacked
      • Uses charge attack
  • Customizable mythicmob configs
  • Custom sounds

Lootable items:

    • 4 summoning medallions
    • fangs
    • tusk
    • 3 sizes of raw hide
    • 3 sizes of meat chunk
    • horn
    • antler
  • Features:
    1. Easy drag and drop
    2. Complete ecosystem for forest biomes
    3. Combines with all our other packs
    4. Amazing ambience
    5. Usable as a core for any server type
    6. Realistic injury and death system
    7. Custom intelligent AI
    8. All single entity animals can be placed into item frame as statues

Dependencies: Mythicmobs, Modelengine, Libs disguises, ProtocolLib, *Crucible (for pets and mounts to work properly)