Hi! I'm Pine and I develop skills using MythicMobs!

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Terrarian Skills Item Pack I


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Add 9 new equipment to your game with this unique pack and create your own personal RPG!

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This pack contains:

  • Blood Raven (Oraxen & MythicCrucible Skill)
  • Tempest Whip (Oraxen & MythicCrucible Skill)
  • Elemental Bow (Oraxen & MythicCrucible Skill)
  • Hellfire Trident (Oraxen & MythicCrucible Skill)
  • Azure Gale (Oraxen & MythicCrucible Skill)
  • Hell Templar Helmet (Oraxen & MythicCrucible Skill)
  • Hell Templar Chestplate (Oraxen & MythicCrucible Skill)
  • Hell Templar Leggings (Oraxen & MythicCrucible Skill)
  • Hell Templar Boots (Oraxen & MythicCrucible Skill)


  • Raven’s Rejuvenation (Launches 4-8 blades that damage and heal, restoring a portion of wielder’s health)
  • Chain Lightning (Unleashes a powerful strike that crackles with electricity, damaging the primary targets and then jumping to nearby enemies)
  • Chromatic Cataclysm (Harnessing the power of the sky, this bow fires arrows that call forth a storm of rainbow destruction, obliterating all in its path)
  • Fiery Impale (Launches at breakneck speed, piercing through enemies and igniting flames)
  • Cyclonic Barrage (Shoots a torrent of arrows that rip through foes with lethal precision)
  • Ember Burst (Small chance to erupt in flames when damaged, scorching all who draw near)

Textures are from EliteCreatures!

You need both Oraxen AND MythicCrucible to make the armor work! To use the weapons you only need MythicCrucible.

Dependencies: Oraxen, MythicMobs, MythicCrucible Tested on version 1.19.2, MythicMobs 5.2.3, Mythic Crucible 1.6.0, Oraxen 1.153.1