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The Liberator


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Included in the The Liberator:

    • Liberator model
    • Turret models
    • All projectile models
    • MythicMobs configs
    • Custom sound effects

Special behaviors and abilities:

    • Liberator is made to work with JOTS, it will instakill players otherwise
    • High difficulty boss, requires cooperation
    • it’s suggested to have 2 fully occupied heavy airships MINIMUM to defeat him (can be configured as usual)
    • Independent targeting, each turret can target different airship or player
    • each turret can be destroyed separately
    • flak cannon, random barrage with huge damage
    • gatling turret, high cadence, lower damage
    • heavy cannons, moderate damage, lower accuracy
    • double cannon, high damage, high health, low accuracy
    • self repairs, the more turrets he has left, the faster he repairs
    • intelligent AI, can avoid obstacles
    • will circle in area bombarding everything below
    • its recommended to either use Creeper Heal plugin or turn off block destruction in config


    • MythicMobs
    • ModelEngine
    • LibsDisguise
    • ProtocolLib

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Pre-Made Configurations

  • Mythic Mobs drag and drop configs