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Ultimate Fishing Rods V.2 (25-Pack)

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Wanderer! These unique fishing rods will come in handy on your journey. Take them with you on the road.

This will be my last premium pack for a while. I hope you enjoy! πŸ’œ


What’s Included:

– 12 Colored Rods –

Blue, Purple, Pink,
Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime,
Cyan, Light Blue, Black, White, 3D

– 10 Special Rods –

Venus Flytrap Rod, Lightning Rod, Iron Revolver Rod,
Lucky Hat Rod, Multitask Rod, Gold Revolver Rod,
Fishy Rod, Sunflower Rod, Diamond Revolver Rod,
Netherite Revolver Rod

– 3 Vanilla Rods –

Warped Fungus Rod,
Vanilla Fishing Rod,
Carrot Rod

(Side Note): They look even better when enchanted🎣✨