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Voyage Of The Seas


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VOTS NPCs Trailer

3 types of ships:
– Frigate: 4 cannon seats 1 captain seat
– Galleon: 2 cannon seats 1 captain seat
– Catamaran: 1 seat + 1 captain seat
Wind Mechanics for more realism and better feeling of sailing
Ramming Mechanics

Functional Musket and Pistol
Cosmetic Captain Hat

Walking on the ship mechanic is not working, It will be fixed in MEG 4 or until we find another working solution.
MCPETS Dependency: MC Pets – 3D-model pets & mounts | SpigotMC – High Performance Minecraft



Crucible (Mythicmobs)

– Includes Ship bosses controlled by NPCs
– They can maneuver around and pursue player ships
– Periodically using repair kits to fix damage on their ships
– Accurate aiming with cannons
– Included placeholder for drops so you can edit their loot