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Wardrobe Props Pack

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A perfect pack for creating a dressing room for your players!

This pack includes over 20+ unique models, with several color options and dye-able variants, and an optional font/sound curtain animation:

  1. Dresser
  2. Wardrobe
  3. Stool
  4. Wide Stool
  5. Chair
  6. Bench
  7. Curtains (Tile-able models to custom fit and 2 or 3 block high window, in 3 main colors [red, green, blue] + dye-able)
  8. Shirt Rack (2 color options + Dye-able option)
  9. Mannequin (3 Unique pose models)
    1. These are not intended to replace armor stands.
  10. Mirror (Standing and Wall variants)
  11. Scissors
  12. Shirt stacks (Red, green, blue, + dye-able)
  13. Sock piles (Red, green, blue)
  14. Thread spools (Red, purple, blue, + dye-able)
  15. Curtain opening Sound file
  16. Curtain opening font textures, intended to be used as an action bar animation. (No plugin configuration included, commands are included)