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Wooden Basics – Furniture

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A pack made for MythicCrucible that will perfectly
fit your vanilla wood types! Ideal for cozy bedroom

Comes with 11 different types of models with all their variants!

  1.  End table
  2.  Dresser
  3.  Wardrobe
  4.  Desk
  5.  Chair
  6.  Single tile shelf
  7.  3 types of Modular shelves (build them as long as you want!)

Additionally, comes with two types of lamps!

  1.  Modern lamp (Functional, requires crucible)
  2.  Lavalamps! (Functional, requires crucible)

If you decide to install this pack with crucible, comes
with pre-configured functionality, custom crafting
recipes, and will support custom chests and
custom GUI in the future
(Planned update).

Includes crucible configs / crafting recipes
Include Blockbench projects and preconfigured

Models are Compatible with ItemsAdder, config not provided.