Here you can find a selection of the people that we have partnered up with in different ways.


BetonQuest is an amazing plugin that let’s you create endless types of quests. Very in-depth and very cool.


MythicCraft are the creators behind MythicMobs, MMOItems and a few other plugins we use daily.


Oraxen is a really cool plugin that let’s you create custom items and manages your resource pack.


AdvancedPet is a plugin to setup advanced modeled pets for your server.

SGJ Graphics

SGJ Graphics is our design partner who created and maintains our brand style and general graphics.

Jowcey’s Plugins

Jowcey makes some really good plugins and is one of the most helpful devs out there.

Eldoria Plugins

Eldoria Plugins

Eldoria makes some really useful plugins. Schematic Brush Reborn and BDO are big favorites of ours.


William278 makes amazing plugins and they deserve all the attention they can get.

Picky Tweaks

Picky makes really useful plugins such as Cupido.


AquaticCrates is a plugin that enhances the gameplay experience of your players with never seen before features!