How to use Paypal balance on websites that ask for card details

You want to spend your Paypal balance on a website that only accepts card details? Easy.

The classic way

The classic way to do this is to transfer it to your bank where you have a debit card connected. But we’re going to assume you are on this page because you do not want to or you can’t transfer to a local bank.

If you are in the US – Paypal Key (A free digital Debit Card in Paypal)

Simply set up Paypal Key, you can read Paypals article on it here.

Prepaid digital Skrill card

You can create an account with and use their digital card details to pay online.
Skrill allows you to add money to your Skrill card in many different methods.

Buy a pre-paid visa card

In most countries Visa offers pre-paid Visa debit cards that you can use to buy things online. Works like a gift card.

Borderless multi-currency digital debit cards

You can create a free multi-currency borderless account, with a digital or physical debit card with many services.
The most known to us is which works in almost the entire world for normal accounts and a lot of countries for digital cards.

  • Accounts can be created with Wise in all countries except these.
  • Debit cards from them are more limited see list for supported countries here.

When we at MC Models tried this to spend Paypal balance online with a digital card, it took us 1 hour to be set up and have working card details.

You can simply create an account and receive your funds straight from Paypal to wise and then get a debit card from wise.

  1. Create an account at
    1. Free
  2. Wait for them to verify your details.
  3. Get account numbers from wise and add these as a bank in Paypal.
    1. Free
  4. Transfer funds from Paypal to Wise.
    1. Free
  5. Get a Wise debit card (free or physical).
    1. One time cost of £5 (Roughly $7) if you choose to have a physical card.
  6. Use your Wise debit card on any site including ours (you can also use these cards for ATM withdrawals, in physical stores and more).

There is more options out there so if you can not use these, please Google for what works in your area.